Community Garden


Garden Guidelines


  1. All gardeners are required to complete the contract, attend a garden orientation, and at least two training sessions.
  2. All gardeners are expected to follow organic gardening practices as much as possible. Any soil amendment, or mulch, not provided by the community garden must be approved by the garden management.
  3. All trash must be removed.
  4. Tall plants and vines must be kept from over-running your neighbor’s garden. Garden layouts may be adjusted between neighbors to allow for multiple row crops or vine crops that require a wider space than our bed layout will allow.
  5. Do not leave buckets where water can accumulate.
  6. Additional mulch beyond the amount included in the garden contract will be available by several methods. The garden will furnish a self-propelled lawn mower for use by gardeners. Mulch may be harvested for use by the gardener. Leaves, newspapers (colored inserts removed); cardboard and wood chips will be provided.
  7. Red or black plastic, properly anchored, is permitted, but must be removed at season’s end.
  8. Beds are expected to be weeded before seed-heads form.
  9. Perennials may be planted, as well as over-wintering crops, with the understanding that a bed may be reassigned if the contract is broken in any way.
  10. Properly supervised children are welcomed and encouraged to be in the garden.
  11. Gardening privileges may be revoked by garden management at any time for just cause. Every reasonable effort will be made to correct any deficiency before any action is initiated.
  12. Beds must be under cultivation by June 15th of each calendar year, or may be reassigned.
  13. Walkways between beds must be kept mulched by a method approved by garden management.
  14. All beds and adjacent grassy areas must be kept neat and clean.
  15. Edible food should not go to waste. The Tazewell Farmers Market and the Four Seasons Community Garden are committed to helping local food banks.
  16. All gardeners are required to work at the direction of garden management for a total of eight hours during the market season. There are several projects being planned to improve the garden.
  17. After fall harvest, all areas of each bed not planted in over-wintering crops, must be mulched or planted in approved cover crops.
Traditional Flat garden:
Full Garden – 50 ft. x 6 ft. – gardener may arrange rows as desired, but some temporary barrier must separate each garden. FREE 
Full Garden – 25 ft. x 12 ft. – gardener may arrange rows as desired, but some temporary barrier must separate each garden. FREE
Half Garden – 25 ft. x 6 ft. same conditions as above FREE

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